2025 Plan for Minneapolis Holds Promise

Photo Credit: Andrew Olson (photo is in original form) In a recent blog post, we discussed the planned growth for Nicollet Mall in the coming future.  But that’s not the only expansion and improvement on the docket for Minneapolis.  Enter the 2025 Plan. Officially titled “Intersections Downtown 2025 Plan,” the proposal calls for a complete […]

Downtown Minneapolis Condo Benefits

Arne Johansson interviews local Minneapolis resident Libby Payne on her experience living in downtown Minneapolis.  She discusses the benefits of owning a condo, and talks about all that the city of Minneapolis has to offer homeowners.   Arne: Hey it’s Arne Johansson with Johansson Realty. We’re here in a condo downtown…and today I’m honored to […]

Brave New Workshop Holiday Show Delivers

This weekend, Johansson Realty jumped right into the holiday season’s celebrations with none other than the Brave New Workshop’s “Twerking Around the Christmas Tree.”  Because while the Nutracker Ballet and “A Christmas Carol” are nostalgic and magical, the BNW’s production takes everything you really remember about the holidays and presents it as it is, in all […]

Local Minneapolis Photographer Mike Ross

Arne Johansson interviews local Minneapolis photographer and filmmaker Mike Ross on where he got his start in the industry and what inspires his work today. Mike Ross’ work can be found at http://www.mikerossvisuals.com/. Arne: Hey it’s Arne Johansson, Johansson Realty. We’re back again with another interview. We’re interviewing people from the community of Minneapolis to […]