Plans for a New & Improved Riverfront

The Mississippi Riverfront around the Stone Arch Bridge has a long and fulfilling history with Minneapolis residents, not only for its historical functionality, but also for its beauty and recreational opportunities.  The problem is that there is a large amount of underutilized space.  Where certain corners and lots were once used solely as a functioning […]

Increase in Minneapolis Airplane Noise

Having an airport in the Minneapolis area is extremely beneficial for the economy of our city.  Minneapolis is after all, a travel hub.  With a busy airport though, comes airplane noise. Typically, the neighborhoods right near the airport in southeast Minneapolis have experienced the brunt of the noise over the years.  Flight paths tend to […]

Reinventing the Heart of Minneapolis

In a recent article by Chris Dall in MinnPost, he discusses the city of Minneapolis’ plan to reinvent the downtown area as a vibrant place for residents to work, eat, and experience all forms of entertainment by 2025.  Several high rise apartment complexes are in the process of being built (or at least plans are in […]