What Is The Best Price Range To Buy In South Minneapolis?

What is the best price range to buy a home in Minneapolis?  The answer is $170,000 or less.   The market is crazy right now in Minneapolis.  Houses are flying of the market.  It has been like this for years, but for some reason it feels different.  For example, I have written three offers in […]

Field Is The Most Underrated Neighborhood In South Minneapolis

  Field is the most underrated neighborhood in south Minneapolis. Yes that is right.  I said it.  Doesn’t mean I don’t love the rest of the city though. If you read my blog you probably think I think every neighborhood in Minneapolis is underrated.  And for the most part I do.  Except for Linden Hills, […]

Is Standish A Good Neighborhood To Buy A Home In?

  Is Standish a good neighborhood?  I think so.  Here are some reasons I think Standish is a good place to buy a home. 1.  Close to the light rail.  You can basically walk down the street and be at the light rail.  You can go downtown, the airport, St Paul.  And in 10-15 years […]

How Much Down Payment Do I Need To Buy A Home

  How much down payment do you need in your bank account to buy a house?  Its a good question. Being in the real estate industry I think everybody knows this.  But I get questions a lot about it actually.  So lets get into it right now and go over the many options you have […]

Why 1770 Bryant Ave S Condos Are A Good Value

I like 1770 Bryant Ave S condos for a few reasons. 1.  I like the location.  Lowry Hill has the 3rd highest median home values out of the 87 neighborhoods in Minneapolis.  All you have to do is walk down the block and there are $600,000 plus homes on every lot.  Considering you can pick […]

Is Whittier A Good Neighborhood To Invest In?

  I love Whittier.  It is one of my favorite neighborhoods in Minneapolis.  I think it is undervalued right now and I see long term growth there. This is an email I wrote to a customer today. After reading I thought I could do something cool and turn it into a blog post.

Why Pricing Your House To Sell Is More Important Then Ever

The Minneapolis market is changing.  And its changing fast. There are 30-60 new listings everyday in Minneapolis.  There are more buyers and prices are going up.  How do you make sure you don’t over pay?  It is hard to not get caught up in the excitement.  I saw my first low appraisal of the year […]

Why Minneapolis Is The Best City In America

Minneapolis is going to be the best city in America. I see it everyday and people should be paying attention. I can’t wait to see downtown east in 25 years.  Its going to be amazing what happens there.  I think that whole area is going to be developed.  The park that Ryan Co. is building […]

What Is Earnest Money

  What is Earnest Money?  Who cares, sounds boring. If you are buying a house then you might want to listen.

How To Get The Best Home Value In Southwest Minneapolis

  How do you get the best value on a house in southwest Minneapolis?  Be faster then everybody else. Market is screaming for values.   Lots of new listings.  Right now in Minneapolis there are 35-60 homes coming to the market every day.  That is a lot.  A few months ago there would only be […]